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At Chesterfield Orthodontics, we have a number of helpful guides and pamphlets available for patients in our practice. If you’d like to browse them from the comfort of home, just click the links below to download our literature in PDF format.

Click on the links below to download examples of the literature available in the practice in PDF format.

Produced by Chesterfield Orthodontics

Information For Patients Brochure
A useful guide to orthodontic treatment and information about our practice.

Complaints Policy
Our leaflet about Quality Assurance and Complaints Procedure

Achieving quality and handling complaints
This leaflet explains our commitment to these important topics, and how we manage them.

Data Protection Policy
Our practice policy underlining how we comply with GDPR.

Produced by the British Orthodontic Society

BOS Covid-19 Orthodontic Emergencies Protocol
It is clear that an essential step in reducing the worldwide impact of this COVID-19 pandemic is to reduce the spread of the virus to ensure that the acute medical services can effectively treat those severely affected. The risk to the health of patients and the whole dental team is great and therefore, currently, only essential emergency orthodontic treatment should be carried out.

Orthodontic Treatment: What are the risks?
We don’t want anything to go wrong with your treatment, but this leaflet explains what could happen, and how it could be prevented.

Interproximal Reduction
IPR is a procedure to gain some space for correcting irregularity without needing to extract teeth, this leaflet explains how.

Orthodontic Mini Screws
A small number of complicated treatments need mini-screws to be placed to help with the tooth movements. Despite sounding scary, they are easy to do – and harmless!


Patient Information Leaflets

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